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Agricultural Courses


We offer various Agricultural courses in partnership with Agriskills and Perfect Solutions through managing learnerships in the agricultural industry.


Business Courses

Need to advance your skills in business and business administration? Keeping organized and motivated is quite necessary for business operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Day-to-day operations are as important as a planning for the future. 

About us


We offer various qualifications and courses from different sectors that are credit based which allows one to build qualifications through a unit based approach. This enables learners to gain a qualification at their own pace along flexible routes.

Quality Courses



All of our course materials are quality assured through various SETA's and Governing Bodies . We have formed various partnerships with institutions offering a variety of courses and qualifications that are accredited.



Wholesale and Retail Courses


We offer wholesale and retail courses from Level 2 up to Higher Education.

Hopitality Courses

South Africa's scenic beauty, magnificent outdoors, sunny climate, cultural diversity, home to one of the seven wonders in the world, and reputation for delivering value for money have made it one of the world's fastest growing business.


Sports and Recreational Courses


We have formed a partnership with Perfect Solutions in offering a sports administration course.

Technical Courses


We have formed a partnership with Automotive Training Academy in offering various technical courses.


Education and Training Courses


Whether you are a newcomer or have been delivering education and training for a period of time. Our education and training courses and text books are sold globally and will give you the necessary tools and techniques that will enhance your training and development effectiveness. These course are offered in partnership with A5 Competence Evolution.

Computer Courses

We are affiliated with the Global Institute for Information Technology (GIIM) offering various high end information technology courses. We offer 32 IT Management Certificate courses for IT and Non-IT Executives from entry level to C Level. 


Human Resource Courses


We offer various labour relations and human resource managemend and administration courses.


Financial Courses


Finance is a diverse field with a wide range of opportunities for those who want get into finance. In addition to general skills such as critical thinking and fostering innovation, finance professionals must be decisive, and know how to express their financial insight in ways that others can understand. Are you thinking of advancing your financial skills?

Expert Lecturers



We make use of a consortium of experts to deliver our courses, qualifications, lectures and assessments.